Alan Carr's '3-2-1' revival was scrapped by ITV because it was too complicated.

Alan Carr

Alan Carr

Bosses were looking at which quizzes could be brought back for the 43-year-old comedian's 'Epic Gameshow', but producers decided it was too complicated compared to 'The Price Is Right' and 'Play Your Cards Right'.

Talkback boss Jonno Richards told the Daily Star newspaper: "Some gameshows feel riper for a return than others.

"We looked at '3-2-1' but it's really tricky. There's a question bit, performance bit, then there are riddles. It wouldn't work."

The hit show - which was hosted by the late Ted Rodgers in the 1970s and 80s - saw three couples first competing in a general knowledge buzzer round before one pair was eliminated.

From there, the two remaining couples faced riddles to avoid 'winning' a metal dustbin - the show's mascot being the mechanical Dusty Bin - as a booby prize, as they were really chasing a car or holiday.

Despite objects being presented as clues to the riddles, they proved incredibly tough to solve.

For his new series, Alan has revived five iconic gameshows - including the late great Sir Bruce Forsyth's 'The Price is Right' and 'Play Your Cards Right'.

Alan admitted he felt like he'd transformed into the entertainment icon, but he admitted it was "difficult" to try to emulate Bruce's famous mannerisms.

He said: "I did find myself sticking my chin out, 'Didn't they do well' but it came from a good place.

"It was so hard to do all the Brucie mannerisms as he's just in our gameshow DNA. We've grown up with him, haven't we?"

And when asked if he felt Bruce's presence, Alan quipped: "We were filming two classic gameshows, not 'Most Haunted.' "