Alan Carr feared he would end up at a kennel club on 'DNA Journey' after his dog slobbered over his testing kit.

Alan Carr

Alan Carr

The 44-year-old comedian teamed up with Amanda Holden to trace their ancestry in the ITV show, but their journey went wrong when Alan's pooch contaminated the DNA testing kit with her saliva.

Speaking on tonight's (17.03.21) 'DNA Journey', Alan says: “It fell on the floor and Bev bit it for a second. I was really worried I was going to end up at some kennel club. When we turned up at Crufts, I was a little surprised to meet my family."

Amanda quips: “I thought you were going to be traced back to a wolf - or related to Kevin Costner in 'Dances with Wolves'.”

Together, the TV stars traced their ancestry to Cornwall but Amanda, 50, was desperate to discover she was secretly related to Alan after it was previously revealed Ant McParlin and Declan Donnelly had a family tie when they filmed the show.

But Alan jokes: “I wasn’t so desperate.”

Ant and Dec aired their two-part series in 2019 and have since said the process of discovering their family histories was "enjoyable" but "emotional".

Ant said: "[The two-part series] was two and a half years in the making, [and we] ended up going to places physically and emotionally [we never thought we would]. "It was one hell of a show. We learned a lot about each other ... about ourselves. It was a really enjoyable, but emotional process."

During the filming process, production was temporarily halted when Ant was arrested for drink-driving in March 2018, and the pair considered axing the project.

But they ultimately decided to continue filming, because they wanted the series to be as "honest" as possible.

Dec explained: "We took the journey and then our lives both took a turn in the middle of filming and we didn't expect that to happen. Then that became a huge learning process for us."

Ant continued: "We decided that we would keep it in, and talk about it, because we had to. It's such an honest show - if we'd have dodged it, it would have been dishonest. It's all in there, and the end result was crazy."