Alan Titchmarsh's new TV project will give viewers tips on how to grow their own food at home amid the coronavirus lockdown.

Alan Titchmarsh

Alan Titchmarsh

The 71-year-old gardener is set to present the new three-part series - which is called 'Grow Your Own at Home' - and the programme promises to show viewers how to enjoy the benefits of growing their own food.

The former 'Ground Force' star will be filmed by his wife Alison due to the current restrictions in place amid the coronavirus lockdown in the UK, the Daily Mirror newspaper reports.

But the restrictions won't stop Alan from explaining how Brits can grow their own fruit and vegetables at home, regardless of how big their garden is.

Meanwhile, Alan recently admitted he's been having "a lovely time" in his garden amid the pandemic.

He shared: "Coronavirus has been very interesting. You find things out about yourself. I've been having a lovely time in my garden."

However, the veteran presenter - who is well-known for his cheerful outlook on life - also revealed there are some days when he finds himself feeling downbeat.

Alan - who presented 'Ground Force' from 1997 until 2002 - said: "Like everybody else I have days. I am by no means a depressive, but I have blue days.

"I don't know what's at the bottom of it. It's just a malaise, an anxiety. Nothing remotely to send me for a tablet, but just days when I'm out of sorts. That's the human condition, I suppose."

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