Alesha Dixon insists the 'Strictly Come Dancing' curse is very real and the "sexual chemistry" in rehearsals "is real".

Alesha Dixon

Alesha Dixon

The 40-year-old star on the 2007 series of the BBC One ballroom show with her professional partner Matthew Cutler and following comedian Seann Walsh's kiss with his dance partner Katya Jones on this year's series, Alesha admits rehearsals are always sexually charged and there's always a chance of romance.

Appearing on 'The Jonathan Ross Show', she said: "It's the most amazing show, I still watch it, I'm still a fan. I was a fan before I did the show and I'm a fan now. I was single at the time. I probably tried to snog him [Matthew], knowing me. Thing is, on 'Strictly', I was just so focused on doing well that I didn't have time for the hanky panky and the nonsense that goes on. Do you know what though, the sexual chemistry is real. You're rubbing up upon them! It is intense so I can see how it goes down that road."

Alesha had got divorced from her husband MC Harvey in 2006 and was single when she accepted the invitation to go on 'Strictly', and she admits she would have had to have a long think about going on the show if she'd been in a relationship at the time.

When quizzed by Jonathan if she ever thought there could have been a romance between her and Matthew, she said: "No, absolutely not. It didn't even cross my mind. This is the place to dance ... Some people have gone on to have nice relationships off the back of the show. Do you know what though, if I was in a relationship at the time at the time when I was asked to do the show, it would have been a thing I'd have to consider. Even for example, I did the NERD video for 'She Wants To Move' and I remember when I got the phone call to do that the first thing I said was, 'I hope they don't want me to kiss him,' because I was in a relationship and these things are important but the fact that I was single [on Strictly] and didn't have to worry about any of that was helpful. I could just focus on that trophy!"

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