Alex Jones "worried" she'd lose her job on 'The One Show' if she took a long maternity leave.

Alex Jones

Alex Jones

The 40-year-old presenter returned to work three-and-a-half months after giving birth to her son Teddy, now 13 months, last year, and she's admitted that, as well as financial reasons, she rushed back because she was concerned her career opportunities won't last forever.

She admitted: "I was worried I'd lose my place on the sofa, because in television you can't take anything for granted. I'd like to stay on 'The One Show' as long as possible, but this is a fickle industry and in two years' time I might be at home with Ted every day, so I have to make the most of it."

However, Alex - who is married to Charlie Thomson - admitted the first few months back at work were "horrific", especially as she was still having sleepless nights, but she was thankful to be back in a familiar environment.

She said: "I was completely deluded to go back so early. My bosses are incredibly supportive of parents and asked me if I was sure I wanted such a short maternity leave; that pressure came entirely from me.

"On my first day back I felt like the new girl. I remember going through my wardrobe and thinking, 'Oh my God, nothing fits!' But the familiarity was lovely. I take my hat off to women who are full-time mums because working is so much easier than being at home."

But the Welsh presenter admitted she often worries her son prefers being with his "fantastic" nanny to her.

She told You magazine: "There's still this horrible dichotomy of 'I want Ted to be happy but I want him to miss me.' It's hard - you don't know what to do for the best."

Alex credits becoming a parent to making her closer to her 'One Show' co-host Matt Baker, who has a son and daughter with his wife Nicola.

She explained: "Having Ted has definitely brought Matt and me closer. Before, Matt was a family man while Charlie and I were still going to restaurants and bars; now we have the same pace to our lives, we're on the same page."

Last year, it was revealed Matt, 40, earns up to £50,000 a year more than Alex, but she wasn't upset as she understands he has a greater BBC workload than she does.

She said: "We didn't really have a conversation about it because we both find it quite embarrassing to discuss money.

"But Matt's salary is based on a whole catalogue besides 'The One Show' - 'Countryfile', 'One Man and His Dog', presenting gymnastics and documentaries. It's not comparing like for like so it's not an issue for us, though obviously it is for other women."

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