Alexander Armstrong wants to have his own chat show.

Alexander Armstrong

Alexander Armstrong

The 'Pointless' host is on a desperate mission to make a name for himself as a singer, but he has admitted he has big plans for 2018 as he won't just be working on new music material following the release of his festive album, he'll be working on a new format whereby he and his friend Richard Osman will grill celebrities on TV.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror newspaper, he said: "I would love to do it. Maybe Richard and I could do it? I like the idea of getting guests on it as they arrive into London like [the late Terry] Wogan used to."

However, before he puts his TV plans into action, the 47-year-old presenter is set for a 16-date music tour called 'An Evening With Alexander in Concert' to go hand-in-hand with his new Christmas album 'In A Winter Light' on November 24.

He explained to the publication "I've always wanted to do an album of Christmas music because it's such a madly evocative repertoire."

And when he's not working on music and TV shows, Alexander likes to play croquet.

He said: "I joke about croquet but quite genuinely it is one of my favourite sports. I suppose it's closest to snooker or golf in terms of its tactics.

"It seems incredibly straight-forward (much as tennis or chess might seem like a monotonous business on paper) but it's full of nuance, strategy and skill.

"It deserves a proper leg-up because we would lose an elegant, properly exciting, British sport if it were allowed to fade into extinction. Oh and did I mention the violence? I know of no other game that brings on such fury and passion."