Alexandra Burke has had days when she has "broken down" over 'Strictly Come Dancing' fake claims on social media.

Gorka Marquez and Alexandra Burke

Gorka Marquez and Alexandra Burke

The 'Broken Heels' hitmaker admits it has been tough reading such negativity as she competes on the BBC latin and ballroom show but she just tries to keep positive, knowing her professional partner Gorka Marquez knows the truth.

She said: "My mum wanted me on the show, so this is her dream as well as mine ... I can't help reading the negative comments on social media about me, and it can upset me, I'm only human. There have been days when I've broken down.

"I've been on stage since the age of five and always wanted this career. I feel so lucky to have it, but there are downsides. I've been taught to have a thick skin and try to control my feelings. It's just a shame some people can't see how hard I'm working - there's nothing fake about that. Gorka and I know what the truth is."

And Alexandra has gushed about how amazing Gorka is and praised their "great connection".

She added: "Gorka's just been such a fantastic person to lean on during this time. We've got such a great connection. We share the star sign Virgo, so we're perfectionists who love to work really hard and know when it's time to chill. We want to create something that's unforgettable to us personally. I know we'll be friends for life."

Alexandra has been working on her fitness in the recent years as her mother Melissa Bell's tragic passing has taught her not to take any day for granted.

She told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "Mum's illness means I don't take a day for granted. A couple of years ago I'd put on a few pounds. It was happy 'love weight'. I was in a good relationship and a settled place. Since then, I decided it was time to take health more seriously, as my mother suffered from diabetes. I dropped around three dress sizes by going to the gym six times a week and eating more healthily. I've dropped another size because 10 hours training a day is so intense. I have a strong faith and meditate. I aim to be positive, enjoy life, give 100% and be thankful for every day."

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