Alison King felt like "a right numpty" when her 'Coronation Street' character got together with Daniel Osbourne.

Alison King

Alison King

The 45-year-old actress' returning storyline to the ITV soap after a break saw her alter-ego Carla Connor hook up with younger guy Daniel - played by 26-year-old Rob Mallard - and the former 'Dream Team' star admits the plot made her feel old.

She said: "It's embarrassing isn't it? I come back off of a two-year break and they're telling me, 'You're old,' and all of the punters are in the Rovers going, 'She's too old for [Daniel].

"I felt like a right numpty."

Alison also admitted she and Rob were both "shaking with nerves" ahead of their kissing scenes together.

She said: "They put you with the youngest boy in town and you just have to get on with it.

"He was shaking with nerves ... and so was I.

"It's harsh to be on this open set and to have [directors] go, 'Kiss.'

"And everyone's going, 'Oh, bless him.' And I'm like, 'Bless him? What about me?' "

Factory boss Carla is known as a no-nonsense character, and Alison has revealed she based part of her alter-ego's characteristics on her own "very strong" mother.

She added to Acumen magazine: "The age group of the girls who watch and identify with Carla Connor in the UK may believe she has that type of appeal.

"She's a strong character. Viewers tend to see Carla's weaknesses as her strengths because she always seems to pull herself out of things.

"I guess, I also pull some inspiration for Carla's character from my mum, who is a very strong woman."

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