Amber Davies believes there's "a lot more going on" in the clash between Love Island's Georgia Steel and Ellie Brown.

Amber Davies

Amber Davies

While the 2017 winner of the ITV2 show admits the villa can be "claustrophobic" at times, she is convinced the pair have clashed off camera after viewers saw them lock horns in a bitter row recently, and believes 20-year-old business development manager Ellie has "something against" Georgia, 20.

She said: "Ellie and Georgia really kicked off this week - I think the villa gets so intense and hot and sometimes you want to leave for a day and she's maybe feeling a bit claustrophobic.

"But she's got something against Georgia, and she just doesn't like her. She's not being bitchy, she's not speaking behind her back.

"There's something going on, and it's something we haven't seen on camera - there's a lot more going on than what meets the eye."

Amber is keeping a beady eye on whether Georgia hooks up with one of the new guys, Idris Virgo and Kieran Nicholls, because the she isn't convinced the Islander's coupling with Sam Bird is the real deal.

She said: "Sam was cracking on with Samira, then bought Ellie back from Casa Amor ... the relationship with Georgia was a late starter.

"Having been in the villa, I find that weird. I'm trying to decide if the relationship is as real as it looks. It'll be interesting to see how she reacts around the new boys - because one of them looks amazing!"

But one couple who Amber does believe in is Wes Nelson and Megan Barton Hanson - who got back with the 20-year-old design engineer after Alex Miller was dumped from the villa - and she has backed them to reach the show's final.

Writing a piece for The Sun Online, she added: "I do think she's settled with Wes. If not, oh my gosh, Megan, what will the UK do? It would be taking the p**s.

"Stick with Wes! She's hot, he's one of the best characters in there - they've got a good chance of getting to the final, 100 per cent."