Tyla Carr thinks Amber Davies and Pete Wicks make a "cute couple."

Amber Davies

Amber Davies

The 'Love Island' star and the 'Only Way is Essex hunk have been romantically linked since the brunette beauty split from Kem Cetinay just before Christmas but, although they're trying to keep their relationship on the "down low" for now, her former co-star thinks they are perfect for one another because Pete, 29, is a little bit older than her.

Speaking to star magazine, Tyla, 24 said: "They make a very cute couple. He's a bit older, which is good for Amber. They aren't official just yet and they're trying to keep it on the down low. I haven't met them when they've been together."

Amber, 21, had said that she thought there was a possibility of her and Kem, also 21, rekindling their relationship in the future, but Tyla thinks their romance is over for good.

Tyla said: "That ship has sailed. I think Amber was looking for somebody older and Kem is doing so well at the moment that being single is the best thing for him."

While Amber's love life seems to be flourishing, Tyla is really struggling on the dating front because she's cautious about who she lets into her life now she's famous.

She said: "'Love Island' definitely hindered it. I was such a serial dater before! I'd always be on dating websites, but it's so difficult to do that now. It's more risky so I get fewer dates. I've only been on three dates since the show. I'm actually dating someone at the moment, but it's not official. It's still early days. I'll just call him 'him' for now."

But the brunette beauty would really like to settle down as soon as possible.

She explained: "I would [like a relationship with him]. I've always been someone who wants to settle down and have kids, and I don't want to do it too late on. I'm 24 now."