Amy Childs says "there's no chance at all" she'll get back together with her baby's father.

Amy Childs

Amy Childs

The former 'The Only Way is Essex' star split from Bradley Wright just a few weeks after their six-month-old daughter Polly was born but, although he still pops round every week to see the little one, she's adamant there's no way that they will rekindle their romance.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, Amy - who was crowned Celebrity Mum of the Year last week - said: "Yep, he's sees her once a week. He comes round and sees her. At the end of the day, he is Polly's dad and I just want him to be a good dad and, so far, he is good with her and he has got a bond with the baby and that's all I want.

"He sees her once a week, even if he wants to go for dinner and obviously we take the baby out but we're just friends and all I want him to be is a good dad.

"We're not going to get back together. There's no chance at all because we are just best at being friends. And that's the best thing for Polly."

And, although she's focused on Polly, the 27-year-old beauty has admitted she'd love to have more children but, ideally, she'd like to settle down and get married first.

She said: "Oh definitely, I'd love to get married first but I don't want to think about children at the moment because I've got Polly. A couple of years, three, years, but I might not meet anyone. I'm not dating at the moment because I don't have the time."

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