Amy Childs hired a private midwife to help her adapt to motherhood.

Amy Childs

Amy Childs

The 26-year-old reality star, who gave birth to baby Polly back in April, has admitted she's a bit of a "worrier" when it comes to being a new mum so she's invested in the help of a private midwife.

Amy said: "I've hired a private midwife called Betty to come over for the next few weeks. I'm a new mum and I'm learning so much every day, but I'm also a bit of a worrier. She came over for two hours and I learned so much!"

Amy admitted she has learnt how to swaddle properly and how to check if she's too hot.

She said: "The first thing she said was, 'Stop rocking the baby, she'll get used to it'. Most of the advice has been really good. There is a lot I can take from it and some stuff I probably won't follow, but it's good to get a professional opinion."

One of the natural sides of motherhood Amy has struggled with is breastfeeding.

She said: "She just wouldn't latch on at all. She was on my boob for 90 minutes the other day and was screaming as she couldn't get anything. It's been a few days since I last tried now and everyone is asking if my boobs feel like they're about to explode, but they're just normal. They're not leaking or hurting. I just don't think my milk ever came in!"

The former 'The Only Way Is Essex' beauty admitted she was advised by her midwife to not breast feed with implants as they could "leak" but she revealed that following a consultation earlier in her pregnancy she was told it was "fine" to breastfeed.

But Amy plans to do what's "right for Polly".

She explained: "I do feel like I get told different things from different people, so I just have to go with what I think is right for Polly."

She confirmed she is now having four ounce of bottled formula every three hours and said in her column for new! magazine: "She loves her milk and is 7lbs 3oz now, so I'm really pleased as she's put on a nice bit of weight."

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