Amy Childs has split from Bradley Wright.

Amy Childs

Amy Childs

It has been confirmed that the former 'Only Way Is Essex' star has "amicably" ended her relationship with her boyfriend less than six weeks after they welcomed their daughter Polly into the world.

A representative for the star said: "Amy has not thrown Brad out, but they have split up amicably. Brad will of course see Polly whenever he likes and they will remain friends."

The pair started dating after meeting at a pub in Brentwood. However, they split in 2015 when Bradley was handed a 16-month prison sentence, of which he served six - getting out earlier for good behaviour.

When they first split, Amy admitted she was disappointed in Bradley's behaviour.

She shared at the time: "I have been let down again. But I'm a strong person. Every day, I try to keep myself really busy.

"It's great keeping busy because it really takes my mind off of what's happened."

However, the pair rekindled their romance in March 2016 before confirming in the October that they were expecting a child.

Amy announced the baby's name was Polly in a joint interview with Bradley not long after the birth.

She said: "Her full name is Polly Childs-Wright. We liked the traditional names. Before the birth we liked India ..."

And Bradley added: "But she's not an India."

Before Amy explained: "Another name was Elsie, but she definitely isn't an Elsie. Brad suggested Polly first. It's a bit unusual."

The pair decided against a middle name because they think Polly Childs-Wright is already a "mouthful".

She shared: "Polly Childs-Wright is such a mouthful. When she says her name at school, it would be a bit too much [with a middle name]."

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