Amy Nuttall's mum has died just four months after being diagnosed with a brain tumour.

Amy Nuttall is mourning the loss of her mum Elaine

Amy Nuttall is mourning the loss of her mum Elaine

The 41-year-old 'Downton Abbey' actress has been left heartbroken after Elaine passed away on October 30 with the TV star revealing she helped care for her until the end when she "died in my arms as I lay beside her".

In an emotional post on Instagram, Amy wrote: "My heart is beating loudly whilst I write this. Yesterday I said goodbye to my beautiful dear mummy. She was diagnosed in July with a glioblastoma (grade 4). To say it was the biggest shock would be an understatement. Together with my wonderful family, we helped care for her to the end where she died in my arms as I lay beside her on 30/10/23 at 5.05pm."

Amy went on to reveal she was so proud of her mum for the way she handled her cancer battle.

She added: "[Mum] humbled us all with how she handled this cruel diagnosis … never complaining, always smiling and bringing her daft humour to the fore every day. Mum, you were my rock. Always. My best friend. I’m not sure how I’m going to do life without you but I know you’ll always be with me to carry me through as you always did. Thank you mummy … you gave me the best days I ever had."

The devastating news comes just months after Amy suffered another heartbreak as her marriage to husband Andrew Buchanan collapsed amid allegations of infidelity.

The couple - who have two children together - had split earlier this year but reportedly got back together to give their marriage another shot, but they are believed to have parted ways again over the summer.

A source told The Sun newspaper: "It took a lot for Amy to give the marriage another chance but she thought it was worth one final roll of the dice. There is no suggestion he has cheated again, but as far as she is concerned this is it ... She is obviously gutted but also accepts that their time together has come to an end."