Andrea McLean is suffering from short-term memory loss.

Andrea McLean

Andrea McLean

The 'Loose Women' panellist - who had a hysterectomy last year - has admitted she's been dealing with "brain fog" since she went through the menopause and she now has to carry around a notebook to remind herself to do basic tasks.

Speaking to The Daily Mirror newspaper, Andrea explained: "It's short-term. It's that sort of memory loss where you walk into a room and think, 'I came in here for something, what was it?' You walk into a bedroom and think, 'What did I do this for?'. You have to go back downstairs and retrace your steps... ah, that was it! You find most things in the fridge. That sort of thing. It's like a brain fog. It's annoying. I have a notebook I take everywhere, and I write everything down."

This isn't the first time the 48-year-old star has opened up about her battle with the menopause as last month she admitted she was trying to hide hot flushes on air and would often have buckets of sweat dripping down her back and neck on screen.

She explained: "In terms of the physical side of it, it was awful. I had sweat running down my back, down my neck. In every break [on 'Loose Women'], the air conditioning was on, it was off, I was fanning myself, doing the Birdie Dance, I was going through bags of tissues and mopping myself down and I was having to do that in the break while nobody was looking."

However, Andrea - who has kids Finlay, 17, and Amy, 12, from previous relationships - has become more daring with her style since going through the change.

She said recently: "I dress totally differently to how I did 10 years ago, because I don't care what people think anymore. I'm more daring and sexy.

"I wear fake leather trousers, sparkly shoes and funky sweatshirts with sequinned lips on it. I'm dressing like a 20 year old. It makes me smile.

"Before once a woman got to a certain age she started dressing like her mother and now we can do exactly what we want.

"I think women are fabulous at any age. It's about feeling really comfortable with yourself and where you are in life.

"I think you can look far sexier fully clothed with a twinkle in your eye than standing in our your pants feeling really awkward. It's about an attitude."