Ann Widdecombe has reportedly been given her own bathroom on 'Celebrity Big Brother'.

Ann Widdecombe

Ann Widdecombe

The 70-year-old former politician - who has turned down the opportunity to do the reality TV show numerous times - refused to join this year's line-up unless she was given her own space so that she can undress away from the cameras and prying eyes of her housemates, and bosses were so desperate to get her in the house that they agreed the secret deal.

A source told the Daily Star newspaper: "Ann's ultimate nightmare was being seen in any state of undress on TV. She told the producers she did not want to be filmed in the nude or taking showers and baths. So they let her have her way. The funny thing is we are pretty sure viewers wouldn't have wanted to see her in the buff anyway."

However, although she has her own space, Ann has admitted she's been suffering with nightmares while inside the infamous abode and can't wait to get back in the real world.

She said: "The other night I had a bad dream, which is a rarity for me. There was snow falling and I was in bed by the window watching it, although I am not sure if I was a child or an adult in the dream. On the other side of the room was my mother and I was begging her to come and watch it with me before it stopped but she wasn't hearing me. or at any rate she was not reacting. You do not need a degree in psychology to work that one out.

"I am longing for nature and to be with those who appreciate it but instead I am enclosed with the self-absorbed and cannot see the rolling moors or grazing sheep or reach anyone with similar values."

Although she feels like she's going out of her mind trapped in the house, Ann has made some good relationships with her fellow housemates and has admitted she'd happily go into the jungle with "90 per cent" of them.

She explained: "I would go into the jungle or the trenches with 90 per cent of the housemates I have met here but would I go into the jungle with Big Brother himself? Now that might be quite a different proposition."