Anna Shaffer has claimed she was sexually assaulted on the Tube this morning (06.09.18).

Anna Shaffer

Anna Shaffer

The 'Hollyoaks' actress was left "shaken" after the alleged incident, in which she claims a man "touched [her]" and tried to put his hand down her underwear, and while she was feeling "nervous" afterwards, she reported the assault to the police.

She wrote on Twitter: "thank you to the @TfL staff at Knightsbridge who just helped me report a sexual assault to the police after a man touched me and tried to put his hand in my knickers on a crowded tube carriage, was shaken + nervous to report but they calmed me + guided me with care + kindness (sic)"

Anna has also thanked a mystery woman who "screamed" at the guy while the 'Harry Potter' actress was left "frozen".

She tweeted: "also to the brilliant + brave woman who saw it happened and screamed at him while I was frozen, hard to believe that these things are still happening so often on public transport but comforting to know there is stellar support on hand when it does (sic)"

A series of tweets on the official Transport for London (TfL) Twitter account read: "1/2 Hi Anna. I'm really sorry that you had to experience that on the Tube. I hope that you're now okay, & that they can catch the man who did this...

"2/2 I'm pleased that the staff member at Knightsbridge was so caring and kind in helping you report this. I'll pass this feedback on to the area manager for the station now. (sic)"

Anna - who is known for playing Ruby Button in the Channel 4 soap, and Romilda Vane in the 'Harry Potter' film franchise - was inundated with support from her former co-stars.

Jorgie Porter (Theresa McQueen) wrote: "Hope u ok Anna (sic)"

Andy Moss (Rhys Ashworth) tweeted: "That's gross !!! Sendin you big love shaffs x (sic)"