Ant and Dec hit their golden buzzer for a magician on 'Britain's Got Talent'.

Ant and Dec

Ant and Dec

The two presenters were moved to tears by Marc Spelmann - whose act was inspired by the birth of his daughter Isabella, who was conceived after years of IVF treatment, and his wife, who was diagnosed with breast cancer during her pregnancy - and didn't let the judges deliver their verdict on his turn before sending him straight through to the live shows.

Marc began his act by asking the judges to carry out random acts, with David Walliams selecting a red crayon from a box, Alesha Dixon choosing a picture card of a panda, Simon Cowell circling the word 'hat' in a book and Amanda Holden creating a Rubik's cube pattern.

He then gave the audience an insight into the "real magic" of his life as his personal story appeared on the big screen, with the judges and presenters all moved to tears when photos of the youngster were shown.

And Isabella was then seen drawing with a red crayon, which

As pictures of adorable Isabella showed on the screen, the judges, hosts and audience were all teary - and then stunned when the little girl was seen drawing with a red crayon, sleeping with a panda puppet, playing with a Rubik's cube that had Amanda's pattern and saying "hat".

Simon said: "I have a feeling this act is going to change your life. It was unbelievable."

Alesha added: "I've been doing this show for seven years and I never ever thought a magic act will move me like that. It was magnificent."

But before the judges could take their vote, Ant and Dec rushed through to hit the golden buzzer.

Tearful Ant - who filmed the auditions before he returned to rehab last month - hugged Amanda and then told Marc: "That was remarkable. Well done."

Dec hugged the magician and said the audition had touched his heart.