'The X Factor's Anthony Russell has not been able to rehearse for the semi-final after losing his voice.

Anthony Russell

Anthony Russell

The 28-year-old fan favourite - who has been championed by his One Direction star mentor Louis Tomlinson - has suffered a huge setback this week after having voice issues and is said to be worried about Saturday's (24.11.18) semi-final.

A source told The Sun: "While 'X Factor' is gruelling on every singer's voice, Anthony's issues have been a real cause for concern in this crucial week.

"He revealed to fans earlier this week he was on voice rest, but that didn't tell the whole story.

"He's either not been singing during vocal sessions or rehearsals or has missed them altogether.

"Anthony has a passionate fanbase, but knows he has to deliver a killer performance at the weekend as well.

"He's worried and has almost convinced himself he's going home."

Anthony revealed earlier this week that he had been put on voice rest but promised fans he would still "smash it" on Saturday.

He said: "Back on voice rest this week people!!! Anyone tryna ring me pls message me instead!! "Need to make sure my voice is ready to smashhh it this week!!! I've promised [mentor Louis Tomlinson] I'll be on mute and I mean it!!! I won't let u down lad!!! (sic)"

Anthony is set to perform ABBA's 'The Name of the Game' and Bon Jovi's 'Livin' on a Prayer' on Saturday.

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