Antonio Banderas will play Pablo Picasso in 'Genius'.

Antonio Banderas

Antonio Banderas

The 57-year-old actor will star as the famous artist in season two of the period drama, which airs on National Geographic.

Speaking about his new role, Antonio said: "The life story of Pablo Picasso has long since fascinated me and I have so much respect for this man, who also comes from my birthplace Málaga."

Whilst executive producer Ron Howard added: "Antonio was the natural choice. He, like Picasso, has a no-holds-barred approach to life that will add to the genuineness that we're looking for. He has such tremendous range as an actor, who I know will bring this brilliant and unconventional artist to life."

The first series of 'Genius' followed the story of Albert Einstein - played by Johnny Flynn - and followed the story of how the famous scientist came to be such a celebrity as they moved through different parts of his life. Picasso's story will focus on his 50,000 artistic contributions as well as his personal life and his political affairs.

Howard said at the time: "Picasso was a trailblazer who left a profound artistic and cultural impact on the world and we look forward to continuing our successful partnership with National Geographic and Fox 21 Television Studios in telling the untold story behind the brilliant individual."

Ken Biller will return as showrunner, executive producer and writer whilst Fox 21 Television Studios will produce as well as Brian Grazer, Imagine Entertainment, Madison Wells Media's OddLot Entertainment and EUE/Sokolow.

Season two of 'Genius' is expected to hit screens in 2018.