Antony Cotton has gashes all over his ankles from his blades on 'Dancing on Ice'.

Antony Cotton

Antony Cotton

The 'Coronation Street' actor - who is known for playing Sean Tully in the long-running soap - has been trying to break in his skates as quickly as possible because the leather boots have been giving him a nasty rash around the top of his feet.

Speaking on 'This Morning' on Wednesday (08.11.17), he said: "Training is going and so far I've not died so it's going really well. I've fallen down once in each training session and I'm glad I did that because the more you fall, the more you get used it.

"So I'm not actually frightened of falling, it's just finding the bite of the blades and ice. My boots absolutely kill me, I've got welts all over my ankles, it's just painful. I will get used to it, I went out in them last night to try and manipulate them."

But it's not just his feet that are suffering as a result of training, as the 42-year-old star is struggling to keep up his energy levels as he's having to get up very early in the morning to do three hours of training before going to the soap set to film.

He explained: "You just have to start really early in the morning. They're long days but there's so much nonsense in the world and I'm just thrilled that I've got a job - I've got two jobs - and it's something challenging and it is going to be fun. I've laughed my head off at the ridiculousness of it because it is ridiculous..."

However, Antony isn't doing it alone as his co-star Brooke Vincent has also signed up to the programme - although he's adamant there won't be any rivalry.

He said: "There was suspicion because it was in the paper and I kept looking at her and thinking: 'I wonder if Brooke's doing it?' And I kept looking at her and she was doing the same with me and then eventually I just said: 'Are you doing Dancing on Ice'?' and she went: 'Yeah, are you?' but we only found that out a couple of weeks ago ... I've known Brooke since she was a little kid - she's like a little sister. It's strange because I am fiercely competitive but with Brooke, if someone said: 'It's either Brooke or you.' I'd say: 'Let Brooke go and win, let her do it.' "

And the 25-year-old actress - who plays Sophie Webster in the soap - isn't the only familiar face as he's also good friends with acid-tongue judge Jason Gardiner.

He said: "I've known Jason for 20 years and I know the real Jason. He's a tough judge and he texted me and said: 'Please, please, please be good because if you're not, I'm going to let you have it.' But I've got a couple of lines if he starts."

But Antony isn't worried as he's been partnered with a "pocket rocket."

He teased: "She's new and she's from California. She wasn't on the show previously. I've got this new girl who is a little pocket rocket and I think she's going to be wild."