Ashley Banjo claims there are "romances" between the 'Dancing On Ice' skating couples.

Ashley Banjo

Ashley Banjo

The 29-year-old dancer is a judge on the celebrity contest and has "definitely" noticed some budding relationships between the competitors and their professional partners, though he refused to reveal who are more than just friends off the ice.

He said: "I can definitely see that there are romances happening.

"The way that some of them dance and the way they get close, it's inevitable. I'm not going to say who, but yes, it's happening.

"You can see which couples have a better connection and which ones don't."

But the Diversity star - who is married to fellow dancer Francesca Abbott - is not surprised by the close connections the couple have made because they are doing something so intimate together.

He told the Daily Star newspaper: "You see it all the time on shows like 'Dancing On Ice' and 'Strictly'.

"There's something about the way people connect when they dance. Dancing ties people together.

"It happens especially when you're rehearsing week in, week're touching, you're laughing.

"There's something about the intimacy of it that just sparks romance. I met my wife through dancing."

Ashley's fellow judge, skating legend Christopher Dean previously admitted he was expecting to see love blossom on the show.

He said: "I guarantee there is going to be a romance but I couldn't say who at this stage.

"It's so tactile. Literally you've got to hold, you've got to trust, you've got to spend the hours together.

"It's always bubbling underneath - looks, touches, eye contact.

"The body language is easy to spot."

The show has previously seen two marriages between stars and skaters, with 'Coronation Street' actress Samia Longchambon meeting her husband Sylvain when they were partnered together in 2013.

And former 'EastEnders' actor Sam Attwater met his now-wife Vicky Ogden when he competed on the show in 2010.