Ashley James is hoping to find a boyfriend in the 'Celebrity Big Brother' house.

Ashley James

Ashley James

The former 'Made in Chelsea' star - who has been romantically linked to David Walliams in the past - entered the famous abode in last night's (02.01.17) episode and, although she's set to spend the first four days surrounded by women, she can't wait for the men to join her because she's on the hunt for a potential boyfriend.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, she said: "I'm taking four bikinis into the house which isn't a large amount for me but I am planning on being in the sauna a lot.

"I'm not in perfect shape right now which is a bit nerve wracking - I enjoyed eating and drinking over the Christmas period. I am a hopeless romantic and have been looking for love for so long; I would love to have a boyfriend.

"I want to find love in the house but I would have to stop myself from having a physical romance on TV - my Nan will be watching."

And, although bosses were no doubt hoping the 30-year-old model would spill the beans on her relationship with the 'Britain's Got Talent' jude, she's adamant she won't be commented on any of her exes because they're no longer "relevant" to her.

She explained: "I wouldn't comment on that. I am single now and have been for a long time. My exes are irrelevant to me."

Ashley shot to fame on 'Made in Chelsea' when she started dating bisexual Ollie Locke but, although they didn't work out romantically, she asked him for some advice ahead of 'CBB' because he took part in programme himself in 2014.

She explained: "Ollie and I are still friends. He said I am his favourite ex, which is good. He's been giving me lots of tips about going on the show. He is the most amazing human - even when I first started Made in Chelsea it was such an intimidating environment. I had never given watched the show before and then suddenly I was a character on it and he really helped me."