Simon Cowell is considering a "small delay" in the 'X Factor' live shows to compensate for Ayda Field's swearing.

Ayda Field

Ayda Field

The 58-year-old creator and judge on the ITV talent competition has said he's been thinking about the possibility of making the televised live shows air slightly behind the action in the venue, so that the editors have a chance to bleep out any foul language new judge Ayda might let slip.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror newspaper, he said: "It's probably going to be utter chaos. I was thinking about this the other day and we could always do a small delay."

Ayda - who is the wife of fellow judge Robbie Williams - has previously had to apologise for her potty mouth on 'Loose Women', and says she'll probably have to make a "public apology" again for her language when the singing competition goes live.

She said: "The live shows Simon can't edit and I'm very excited about that. There will be chaos because Rob doesn't have a filter and I swear a lot.

"That's only because I live with Rob, he's given me a sailor's mouth. When I met Rob I was a ­respectable woman, 12 years down the line, it's bleeping this, bleeping that and see you next Tuesday."

But the American actress - who has daughter Theo, six, son Charlton, three, and newborn baby girl Coco, one month, with Robbie - has blamed her spouse for her bad language, as she doesn't realise the words she has picked up from him are swear words.

The 39-year-old beauty added: "A lot of the words I don't know are bad words.

"I've got in trouble on 'Loose Women' because Rob is a rough man from the North and the way he talks I just think is how people talk.

"So I, on occasion, have used those words thinking they are OK only to realise after my very public apology that they are not OK.

"So yeah, there might be a few moments where we say some naughty things. I'm pretty sure there will be a public apology."

Whilst Robbie, 44, said: "That's the thing about my wife - she doesn't know that a lot of the things she's saying are English swear words because she lives with me."