The A Word is getting a new BBC One spin-off called Ralph and Katie.

Sarah Gordy

Sarah Gordy

The new six-part series will focus on newlyweds Ralph (Leon Harrop) and Katie (Sarah Gordy) during their first year of married life, and has been written by Peter Bowker, who also wrote the original show.

Each 30-minute episode tells a different story focused on the domestic challenges faced by the pair, who both have Down's Syndrome.

In a statement, Sarah said: "It is great to be able to take the character of Katie forward after her exciting journey in Series 3 of The A Word.

"The wedding and the dress was a dream come true for Katie. I am so looking forward to seeing what comes next in Ralph and Katie's married life."

Meanwhile, Peter believes that the upcoming spin-off is a "natural step forwards" from The A Word.

He added: "'Ralph and Katie' is a natural step forwards from the ongoing ambition of The A Word to increase representation and diversity both on and off-screen.

"Equally exciting is the opportunity to work again with two young actors as talented as Leon and Sarah. It is a tribute to their performances in The A Word that the BBC have commissioned this series."

Piers Wenger, Controller of BBC Drama, added: "After three series of The A Word, we are so excited to see Sarah and Leon lead their own show and by the team of talented writers that Pete and his team are assembling to bring this new chapter in Ralph and Katie's relationship to life."

And Carol Boys - Chief Executive, Down's Syndrome Association - had high praise for the commission.

She said: "We're so pleased that Ralph and Katie's story will be continuing, and that Leon and Sarah, two marvellous actors, are getting this well-deserved opportunity to play the central characters in a BBC drama."

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