The BBC have revealed they're to work on a brand new drama for BBC Two based on the making of world smash hit video game Grand Theft Auto.

Credit: Rockstar

Credit: Rockstar

As part of the corporation's Make It Digital initiative, it's going to be produced and created in a bit to encourage and inspire the younger generation to get involved with coding and programming.

Further projects confirmed for the campaign include BBC Three talent show Girls Can Code and a BBC Two documentary on Gordon Welchman, a Bletchley Park codebreaker.

BBC brands such as EastEnders, The One Show, Doctor Who and Radio 1 are also participating, and in addition, all seven year old children across the UK are to be given a Micro Bit coding device for free by the company.

Tony Hall, BBC Director General said: "This is exactly what the BBC is all about - bringing the industry together on an unprecedented scale and making a difference to millions.

"Just as we did with the BBC Micro in the 1980s, we want to inspire the digital visionaries of the future. Only the BBC can bring partners together to attempt something this ambitious, this important to Britain's future on the world stage.

"BBC Make It Digital could help digital creativity become as familiar and fundamental as writing, and I'm truly excited by what Britain - and future great Britons - can achieve."

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