Bear Grylls says Gordon Ramsay will complete a "super hard" survival challenge.

Bear Grylls

Bear Grylls

The 44-year-old adventurer - who fronts Channel Four's 'Celebrity Island' show - and TV chef Gordon Ramsay, joined the 'Jonathon Ross Show' this week (06.10.18), and revealed the pair are getting their "dates aligned" to take part in a survival challenge together.

Speaking on this weekend's episode of the ITV programme, Jonathan joked: "It was a real honour and a privilege genuinely being asked to do your show, and I had such a great time and it was so nice being with you. Unfortunately we filmed it and they lost half of the show, we filmed for two days and a whole day's footage was destroyed in some x-ray machine."

Bear added: "Gordon we'll do one."

Gordon agreed if they could "get the dates aligned", and admitted he'd asked for "something super hard" on the show.

Bear replied: "They always say that and then about five hours in they say, 'You know what I said about the super hard...'

"It is hardcore, the Island. My respect to those who endure... People always quit but those who are there at the end, total respect. You see that glint in the eye of pride that they've gone through fire.

"This series on at the moment, respect it gets really grim over the next few weeks and total respect to them."

Aside from wanting to get Gordon on board for one of his notorious adventures, the 'Celebrity Island' host - which stars Pete Wicks, Martin Kemp and Montana Brown who have to survive on an uninhabited island in the Pacific - recalled cooking for the famous chef in "California" on "Easter Sunday".

Bear revealed: "This definitely wasn't on TV. It was a few years ago in California and it was Easter Sunday. I said 'bring the family around and I'll cook' and that was my first error.

"I said to my wife, 'I'll do the starter and I'll do a nice main. I've got it covered.' About ten minutes before he arrived [I realised I'd forgotten dessert so my wife said] 'I'll just quickly rustle up an apple crumble.'

"We did a Barbeque. I'd tried to do this guacamole. At the end of it, I said to Gordon 'Come on give me an honest [opinion]' which was probably another error, asking for him to be honest. He said, 'To be honest the starter was terrible, the main was abysmal but it was saved by the pudding!'"

The Jonathon Ross Show, Saturday 6th October, 9.50PM on ITV.