Bella Penfold felt "spiritual guidance" after appearing on 'The X-Factor'.

Bella Penfold

Bella Penfold

The 19-year-old hotel singer - who received judge Simon Cowell's first 'Safe Seat' meaning she is automatically through to the Judges Houses round of the contest - has revealed that although she's been through a "whirlwind of emotions" she feels "unphased".

She said: "I have been through a whirlwind of emotions, like most teenagers, especially between the ages of 16 to 19. You're up and you're down. Then all of a sudden, I am in 'The X Factor' and I just felt this spiritual guidance. I was still really nervous but unphased."

The young star secured her spot after performing grime artist Stormzy's 'Blinded by your Grace' at the Six Seat Chair round of the competition - and Bella chose the song instantly after hearing it with her cousin for the first time earlier this year.

She explained: "Then, this summer, my cousin and I were wearing shorts during the hottest day, we heard this song, and our legs got covered in goosebumps. We said, 'This is the one'. I'm so glad I picked that song now. "

Prior to telling her the good news, Simon teased Bella by saying she did not have a chair in the competition - so the singer presumed she would not be going through.

She admitted while she automatically looked to her mother in the crowd for comfort, she would have held her "head high and been grateful" regardless of the outcome.

She said: "My first instinct was to look for my mom because I knew if I could find my mom's face I would feel comfort.

"But I could not find her in the massive arena. So,I'm looking around because I don't want to look at Simon after he told me he couldn't give me a seat.

"I felt really lost in that moment, but the first thing that crossed my mind was to just be grateful. Look at where you are. Just stand, hold your head high, and be grateful. "

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