Ben Foden has been voted off 'Dancing on Ice'.

Ben Foden has left the ITV show

Ben Foden has left the ITV show

The 36-year-old sports star has lost in a skate-off against Ria Hebden, after finding himself at the foot of the leaderboard.

After his exit was announced, Ben - who was voted out by all of the 'Dancing on Ice' judges - said: "I thought there would be someone on the show that couldn't skate. Turns out it was me. Literally everyone was so good."

Despite his early exit, Ben relished his time on the ITV show alongside his professional partner Robin Johnstone.

The rugby player - who is the first celebrity to leave the series - described his partner as "incredible".

He said: "I really have enjoyed it - this woman is incredible and it's the people who make this experience."

Ben previously admitted that he feared looking like an "idiot" on the ice.

The former England international revealed he was concerned about making a fool of himself in front of the British public.

He told MailOnline: "What I'm more worried about, someone's just gonna look at me and be like, 'What an idiot, why's he signed up to do this show, he can't even stand on his feet!'"

Ben also confessed that his skillset isn't well-suited to ice skating, admitting he's "not flexible" at all.

Speaking about the challenge, he said: "I'm really not flexible. I don't bend well at the knee. All the habits you're not supposed to have as an ice skater, I have them all!"

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