Ben Foden’s wife has blasted ‘Dancing On Ice’ as a "popularity competition” and “unfair” after her husband was eliminated from the show.

Ben Foden’s wife has blasted ‘Dancing On Ice’ as a 'popularity competition'

Ben Foden’s wife has blasted ‘Dancing On Ice’ as a 'popularity competition'

The former rugby player 36, scored 23 out of 40 points for his dance routine to Ricky Martin’s ‘Livin’ La Vida Loca’ last weekend and was then axed from the ITV programme after a tense skate-off against 'Lorraine' reporter Ria Hebden.

But his significant other Jackie Belanoff-Smith was less than impressed with the show.

She wrote on Instagram: "Had my fair share of England for a while, time to get back to the real world.

"What's the point of saying it's a skate competition when it's really just a popularity competition?

"Why divide the skaters into two weeks, groups of your choosing, and why not judge all their scores together after the two weeks?

"What's the point of getting a bunch of people together and then not judging them together afterwards?

"And what's the point of having a judging panel when it's all down to a public vote.

"That's not a skate competition, it's a popularity competition. What's the point of anyone doing this really practicing and trying to learn if you're just going to be judged on your popularity?

"It's a bit unfair, and we're a bit sad, the worst skater wasn't the first to go, I don't really see the point. (sic)"

Jackie also had a suggestion about how the show could potentially be improved.

She added: "Yes, it's how the show makes money but maybe leave the public vote for the save me skate offs or something?

"Otherwise it's just kind of pointless to even try."