The 43-year-old TV presenter took "very heavy painkillers" after slipping a disc while giving one of his friends a hug, and during his hazy hosting his co-presenter Kate Garraway had to tell him to be quiet because he started talking to himself out loud.

Ben Shephard

Ben Shephard

He said: "What was interesting was doing the show after I did my back and I did a couple of shows on some very heavy painkillers.

"And those were shows that were quite surreal - you can imagine, it was a bit of daze.

"Kate Garraway had to turn round and tell me to be quiet.

"She said, 'Shush'. And I said, 'Did I say that out loud?' and she said, 'Yeah'. I was taking tramadol which numbed the pain brilliantly.

"But I quickly decided I wanted to deal with this in a conscious way, and not be out of it. So I came off the pills.

The 'Goals on Sunday' co-host - who has previously suffered a broken elbow, and torn ligaments - injured his back after an "overly affectionate" embrace with his friend when they were leaving the pub.

He is quoted by the Daily Mirror newspaper as saying: "I am falling apart. I had a very middle-aged injury. It was shocking."

Ben previously ruptured his ankle ligaments when he was getting down from a climbing wall.

He recently said: "I had a broken elbow and dislocated it too. I ruptured all the ligaments in my ankle coming off a climbing wall with my kids. Then to slip a disc walking? My ninja days are behind me."