Beverley Callard can still feel Anne Kirkbride's "spirit" on the 'Coronation Street' set.

Beverley Callard

Beverley Callard

The 63-year-old actress - who plays Liz McDonald on the ITV soap - admitted the show's set still has little reminders of Anne's time on the show, and her presence continues to be felt.

Speaking about the late actress - who played Deirdre Barlow until her death in 2015 - Beverley said: "Liz and Deirdre were best friends and Anne and I were too - I do miss her.

"I'd been doing quite a lot of filming in the Barlows' set early this year and it's a weird feeling. She is still there in spirit, most definitely, her photographs are on the bookshelves and you can't go on that set without thinking, 'Oh, I hope you're here with me.' "

Beverley also keeps hold of some personal reminders of Anne, who died of breast cancer in January 2015, aged 60.

The soap star told Woman's Weekly magazine: "I have a big photo of her in my dressing room, and both of our names are on the dressing room door.

"I'm hoping that even when I've gone, they both stay there."

Beverley is poised to leave the long-running soap in the coming months.

And the self-confessed "workaholic" is looking forward to a more relaxed schedule as she moves into the next phase of her career.

The actress - who joined the soap in 1989 - explained: "At least I won't be working 50 weeks a year.

"Theatre is different. It's not as demanding as 'Coronation Street' because once you've learnt your lines for the stage show, they don't really change.

"Whereas in 'Corrie', I've been learning new lines every night, especially when I'm in a lead story."

Despite this, Beverley admitted she's likely to feel extremely emotional during her last day on set.

She said: "I have no idea what my last day will be like.

"I'll be terrible, but I'll still be in touch with them all anyway."