Beverley Callard has hinted that she has to wear something outrageous for an upcoming scene as Liz McDonald in 'Coronation Street'.

Beverley Callard as Liz McDonald

Beverley Callard as Liz McDonald

The 61-year-old actress - who has played the former barmaid in the soap since the 1980s - has joked that her alter-ego's fashion choice will have viewers in hysterics and that she'd rather prance around in a bikini than wear what she's been told to slip into.

Taking to her Twitter account, she wrote: "Well, Liz's new outfit!!!! Costume department are giggling! Oh dear. You'll see it soon. X That's it! I'm in the next " love Island!" Bikinis must be better than Liz's wardrobe. Lol. X (sic)"

Beverley has previously joked she should be paid "a fortune" to wear some of the garish outfits her alter-ego Liz dons on the ITV soap.

In response to a fan who tweeted to ask how much extra 'Corrie' bosses had paid Beverley to wear a pink blouse on a recent episode, she replied: "Yep, you're right Liz's clothes just get worse!!! X Lol. I should be earning a fortune! X (sic)"

But it's not just her character's fashion choices she doesn't agree with as Beverley has admitted she's disgusted with Liz's standards of behaviour on the cobbles.

In response to a viewer who tweeted her to say Liz has the "morals of an alley cat", she wrote: "Yes I'm afraid you're right. X (sic)"

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