'Big Brother' was forced to step in to break up a heated row between Rebecca Jane, Joe Quaranta, and Kieran Lee.

Rebecca Jane

Rebecca Jane

In scenes aired on the Channel 5 reality show on Monday (19.06.17), Rebecca told Joe he was "nasty" after he made comments about her "irritating" smile, but things took a turn when the 32-year-old businesswoman asked him how he would feel if someone made those comments toward his daughter.

The 55 year old fumed: "Don't bring my daughter into it, you silly f***ing idiot. Right? Don't bring my daughter into it, you idiot. Appearance. Don't bring my daughter into it, you silly f***ing cow."

Whilst Rebecca retorted: "You don't personally attack someone's appearance, ever. I'm somebody's daughter! I am somebody's f*****g daughter!"

Their argument caused fellow housemate Kieran to step in to split the pair up, but when he told Rebecca she "deserved" to be shouted at for bringing family into the row, the blonde beauty turned on him.

She raged: "You f***ing what? He said that to me and you think I f***ing deserve it? You think I f***ing deserve it? I haven't called anybody's f***ing daughter, he has f***ing called me. He has f***ing called me."

After Rebecca's outburst, the voice of Big Brother could be heard repeatedly asking other housemates to escort the beauty to the bathroom to cool off, whilst Kieran was asked to wait in the bedroom.

Later, Rebecca vented her frustrations in the Diary Room as she felt Kieran should have stuck by her.

She said: "I came in here with him, I've got so much loyalty to him. I would never let anyone speak to him like that. I want him gone (Joe) and I want to speak to Kieran."

Big Brother then invited Kieran into the Diary Room, where the pair hugged it out.