Big Brother's Sam Chaloner is worried Ellie Young thinks he is replacement for axed housemate Lotan Carter.

Ellie Young

Ellie Young

Sam and Ellie have grown close since he entered the infamous house last week but he admitted to her that he is worried he is a rebound for her.

He said: "I feel like I've come in here and took someone's position and it feels weird."

However, Ellie insists she is much happier with Sam than she was with Lotan.

She added: "Don't feel weird about this right, obviously I got on really well with Lotan and I like the lad. I cared about him, alright? But so many people have said in two weeks, I'm so much happier, which is weird to think that Lotan is gone because I thought he was the only one who could actually make me happy. Have you not seen how happy I am now?"

However, Sam insists he came to the show to do his own thing.

He said: "But I'm Sam, not f***ing anyone else, y'know what I mean. I'm coming here to do my own thing and not to f***ing replace someone ... It's just think it's because I got with you, they think I've come in here to replace someone else."

But Ellie told him she never got with Lotan and Sam fumed back: "Yeah, I know but I know you didn't but it's like everybody thinks you f***ing have. It's p***ing me off."

And Sam was worried his romance with Ellie would affect how he gelled with the other housemates but Ellie promised him that she does really like him before they shared a sweet kiss.

It comes after Ellie's fellow housemates warned her Sam would break her heart.

After she confessed to kissing Sam, Chanelle, Kieran and Tom told her to be careful with her new romance.

And heading to the diary room to vent her frustration, Ellie said: "I try and enjoy myself and it blows up in my face. The lads shouted outside with me for a chat ... Chanelle ... they're all worried about me and my emotions and it was just a kiss."