Bill Bailey was snubbed from the 'Never Mind the Buzzcocks' reboot.

Bill Bailey

Bill Bailey

The 'Strictly Come Dancing' winner wasn't invited back for the new series of the music quiz panel show, which is returning to TV later this month on Sky Max, but he joked he may have missed the email because he was busy training for the Latin and ballroom series.

Quizzed on whether he was asked to return to the programme, he said: "No, I wasn’t.

"Or maybe I was and I missed the email! Perhaps I was learning the Charleston that week."

But the 56-year-old comedian has insisted he "doesn't mind" not returning to the programme, because he "got [his] fix" when he appeared in more than 100 episodes.

Speaking to Radio Times magazine, he added: "I guess they want a new intake.

"I don’t mind.

"I did more than a hundred shows, so I think I got my fix of 'Buzzcocks'."

'Never Mind the Buzzcocks' originally aired on the BBC between 1996 and 2014 and was first hosted by Mark Lamarr before he handed over control to Simon Amstell in 2006, followed by a number of guest hosts before Rhod Gilbert fronted the final series.

The show has been commissioned by Sky and NOW for an eight-episode series and an additional Christmas special, with Greg Davies in the hot seat.

Daisy May Cooper and the returning Noel Fielding will be the team captains.

Director of Sky Arts and Entertainment for Sky, Phil Edgar-Jones, said in a statement that 'Buzzcocks' is "one of those truly iconic shows".

Kate Edmunds - Director of Programmes for Talkback, who make the series - added: "We’re over the moon that Sky have made the very wise decision to reboot our beloved 'Buzzcocks'.

"Musicians, stand down, we hear your deafening cries for some long overdue attention."

The show attracted major names from rock, pop and indie who were willing to be ridiculed on the panel.

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