Bill Roache got over the death of his daughter in the space of a "few days".

Bill Roache

Bill Roache

The 86-year-old actor - who plays the part of Ken Barlow on 'Coronation Street' - lost his eldest daughter Vanya to liver failure in March, and Bill has revealed he stopped grieving for his daughter "a week" after she passed away.

He shared: "After the death of the physical body, the soul returns to heaven, which is our eternal home.

"Vanya has gone to a far better, happier place and I don't need to grieve for her."

Bill explained that his grieving process has been so brief, because he worries that the negative energy will eventually reach her.

Speaking to Spirit and Destiny magazine, the veteran actor said: "If I grieve it's because I miss her and that's negative and where she is she'll pick up on that so I send her my love.

"Of course, for the first few days after her death it was natural to grieve, but within a week I got over it because I know she's in a beautiful place reunited with other loved ones."

Bill lost his second wife, Sara Mottram, in 2009, and in 1983, the couple lost their daughter Edwina to pneumonia when she was just 18 months old.

The actor - who doesn't identify with a religion - believes there is another phase that exists beyond death on Earth.

He shared: "Death is something we can look forward to because we'll be going back to our eternal home and will be closer to source, to love."

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