'Coronation Street' legend Bill Roache wasn't happy with his performance for Mike Baldwin's death scene.

Bill Roache

Bill Roache

The 88-year-old actor - who has appeared on the ITV show since the first episode in December 1960 - insisted he could have done better when it came to his character Ken Barlow's emotional goodbye as Johnny Briggs' alter ego died from a heart attack in his love rival's arms after escaping from hospital.

Speaking on 'Coronation Street Icons: Ken Barlow' on Wednesday (19.08.20), he said: "The one I wasn't satisfied with is when Mike Baldwin died in my arms.

"That was shot at night, and it was raining.

"We waited and waited, and then it stopped. They said, 'Let's go out and we'll just shoot it'. I took him in my arms and said what I had to say and the director said, 'Right, that's it!'

"When someone is dying in your arms, you've got to be feeling what's going on. I just know it could have been deeper and a bit better, within myself ... that's the scene I would like to do again."

However, Bill - whose character had a feud with Mike over the affections of Deirdre Barlow (Anne Kirkbride) - admitted one of their clashes is among his favourite moments.

He added: "The scene I'm most proud of is Ken/Mike/Deirdre when Ken has slammed her against the door.

"That was where the big emotion rode out. That's one of the scenes where I felt, 'Yep! Yep! That worked."

The long-running storyline was engaging for viewers, and even for the rest of the 'Corrie' cast.

Former soap star Beverley Callard - who played Liz McDonald from 1989 until her exit over the summer - said: "It was compulsive viewing, you couldn't help but watch."

'Corrie' veteran Amanda Barrie - who spent 20 years as Alma Baldwin from 1981 to 2001 - added: "They were natural enemies, those two, and I never knew how much of it was for real!"