Bill Roache has been written out of 'Coronation Street' for a few months due to illness.

Bill Roache

Bill Roache

The 88-year-old actor - who plays Ken Barlow- has reportedly asked bosses for time off to recover and hopes to be back on the cobbles as soon as possible.

A source told The Sun newspaper: "For Bill to take time off is extremely unusual.

“He loves work and he’s as passionate about being on 'Coronation Street' as ever, but he realised he had to listen to his own body.

“The reason he’s been able to work for so long and so passionately is he’s always looked after himself, and he still does, so he’ll be back as soon as it makes sense.

Obviously, his time off has coincided with Covid too, where a number of the older stars are being kept away from the set anyway to be on the safe side.

“But because he asked for a break, the writers had to formulate a storyline around him to keep his character out completely for quite some time."

Bill is expected to return to the show later this year, with the insider explaining: "They already have ideas for how they would like to bring Ken back in later this summer — and everyone will be pleased to see him, along with the rest of the cast back together in the same place."

Bill has been a fixture on ITV's 'Coronation Street' since its first episode in 1960.

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