Billie Piper has thanked 'Doctor Who' fans for the impact the show had on her life.

Billie Piper

Billie Piper

Writer Russell T Davies live tweeted during a watch-a-long of 'Rose' - the official reboot of the sci-fi show which introduced the actress as Rose Tyler opposite Christopher Eccleston's Ninth Doctor - on Thursday (26.03.20) to mark the 15th anniversary of the episode, and Billie was in a reflective mood.

She posted on Instagram: "In the midst of everything I forgot to say hey and yay and Happy Birthday. 'Rose' and the Dr Who reboot was 15 today.

"Love to all you fans out there. You positively changed my life for ever and so did you @russelltdavies63 and so did you #rosetyler."

Whovians were treated to a special celebration this week, with a prequel - titled 'Doctor Who and the Time War' - published as a story on the BBC website, and Russell explained he was originally asked to write the story for Doctor Who Magazine, but Steven Moffat's 'Day of the Doctor' put a stop to it.

He said: "So the idea was snuffed a-borning. Until 2020. When a science fiction-shaped virus came along to change our lives (honestly, I've written the end of the world 100 times, but I never imagined everyone just sitting at home).

"Emily Cook of DWM created the livestream Day of the Doctor, then turned to Rose, and asked me if I had anything to offer..?

"At exactly the same time, Chris Chibnall emailed me, saying we need the Doctor more than ever these days, and could I think of any material? By some miracle this file still existed. (sic)"

Following the watch-a-long of 'Rose' itself, there was also a newly-written audio sequel 'Revenge of the Nestene', which was narrated by voice actor Jacob Dudman.

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