Binky Felstead and Danny Jones have both invested in a new talent management agency.

Binky Felstead

Binky Felstead

The 'Made In Chelsea' star and McFly singer have joined forces with entrepreneur Max Parker to form Matchstick Group, with a focus on improving diversity, accessibility and representation in the industry while also prioritising the mental wellbeing of its clients and staff.

Binky said in a statement: "I regard Max as one of the best agents in the UK. I have no doubt that it is his character, values and determination that has enabled him to become an established industry leader, in recent years.

"He seems to know everyone and make anything possible. Max is a dear friend of mine and when the opportunity arose to invest into him and Matchstick Group, there wasn’t a second thought in my mind that he had to manage me and that I absolutely wanted to be an investor in his business.

"I knew with Max behind it, Matchstick Group would be a success but I wouldn’t of believed the growth the agency has had prior to the launch.

"I’m so proud to be a part of this journey and with the agency launching today with 26 clients sets the tone of our ambition to be the biggest and best agency in the UK."

Meanwhile, 'Five Colours In Her Hair' hitmaker Danny revealed how "proud" he is to be involved in the company.

He added: "I’ve made a number of investments over the years and when Max told me what he wanted to achieve with Matchstick Group, it felt really special and totally goes against the grain of typical Management.

"I’m a huge believer in individuality and when we created the company ethos it was really important to myself and Max that we put a real emphasis on diversity, individuality but most importantly champion all people associated with Matchstick Group, we want to pride ourselves on elevating talent and staff. No two people are the same and we really want to showcase this at the agency.

"Although I’m not involved in the business operations, I’m super proud of what Matchstick Group has achieved in such a short timeframe, it's usually a struggle for any company launching, let alone in a pandemic and with the belief of talent we have managed to create something really exciting that will absolutely get people talking!"

Matchstick - which is already working with the likes of Martine McCutcheon and Ollie Locke - will be giving 2 per cent of all profits to mental health charity Joe's Buddy Line.

Max said: "At its core Matchstick is all about diversity, individuality and supporting our incredibly talented roster of clients to not only achieve great things but thrive while doing so.

"I owe a massive debt of thanks to both Binky and Danny for not just believing in me when I was at my lowest but for encouraging me and backing me to take this leap of faith to share my vision of the future of talent management.”