Binky Felstead will never put her bins out again after she accidentally locked her baby daughter inside their house.

Binky Felstead and India inside house (c) Instagram Story

Binky Felstead and India inside house (c) Instagram Story

The former 'Made in Chelsea' star left her six-month-old girl in her bouncer whilst she quickly rushed outside to do the job, which India's father Joshua 'JP' Patterson was meant to do before going off to the gym, only to find herself unable to get back into the property in Chelsea, London.

The 27-year-old beauty documented her "first mummy meltdown" on her Instagram Story on Wednesday (03.01.18), and shared how she ended up left with bleeding feet after cutting them walking to her mother Jane's house, which is a few doors away, to get a spare key.

Thankfully, little India was "safe" and sound in her chair the whole time.

In a series of Instagram Story videos, Binky shared: "My first mummy meltdown just happened.

"I was doing the bins, which is supposed to be Josh's job, but he's typically gone to the gym.

"I heard the door slam behind me and I was locked out with no keys, no phone and no shoes.

"India was in here on her own - luckily in her bouncer - so she was quite safe.

"I had to run to my mum's [house] as fast as I could to get the key.

Showing her sore feet, she said: "My feet are cut to pieces, everyone thought I looked like a mad woman."

The 'Born in Chelsea' star is going to let her partner do the chore in the future, to avoid any further mishaps.

She concluded: "Luckily all was OK. So basically I'm never doing the bins again."

It comes after Binky admitted she has found living with her beau more of a "shock" than having a baby.

The pair reconciled during her pregnancy and though she feels "lucky" to have him around for her and India, she admitted the 28-year-old hunk has some bad habits.

Asked if a proposal could be on the cards, she said recently: "We're not thinking about that. I'm just getting used to him living with me!

"He's really messy. Living with him was more of a shock than having a baby.

"But he's a great father and I'm lucky to have him."

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