Though there’s much hype surrounding the upcoming CW superhero series Black Lightning, no pilot episode has been filmed, contrary to popular belief. The news comes as quite the shock, seeing as how the series has already been picked up to order at the network.

Black Lightning comes to The CW midseason

Black Lightning comes to The CW midseason

Speaking to iDigital Times, the show’s creator Tony Isabella explained: “People kept talking about a Black Lightning pilot having being filmed. No. No pilot was filmed. They did a presentation piece, which was then cut into the trailer. And when I first heard that from DC, I thought it was a bad thing. And then they told me no, well, we sold Legends of Tomorrow with a picture of the cast and brief synopsis.”

Whilst it seems very peculiar for a show to be bought without a pilot episode, it’s good to hear from Isabella that this isn’t something new. It’s also great when you realise just how much faith those at The CW must have in the show’s bosses to order the show without seeing a single finished episode.

Now though, those working on Black Lightning are going to have to get to work, as the series is set to premiere midseason on The CW.

Though it’s on the same network as the shows that make up the larger Arrowverse, Black Lightning won’t become a part of that universe itself. Instead it will bring its own, original story to viewers, of a superhero who hung up his cape to protect and spend more time with his family, only to be brought straight back into the action in later life when the 100 Gang threaten the peace and status quo of his hometown.

We’ll bring you more Black Lightning news as we get it.

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