Bobby Davro thinks he's "punching" on the dating front.

Bobby Davro

Bobby Davro

The 60-year-old actor - who previously played Vinnie Monks in 'EastEnders' - has admitted to exceeding his own expectations by dating a woman who is half his age.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, the TV funnyman confessed: "Shes only 30 and I'm 60. I'm punching well above my weight."

Bobby met his new love interest on a night out, and wasted little time in trying to charm her.

The comedian confessed he can still barely believe he's managed to attract the brunette beauty, whose name remains a secret.

He shared: "I can't believe my luck."

Bobby was previously married to Trudi Jameson, the mother of his three children.

But in 2017, he admitted that another of his previous girlfriends, Vicky Wright, struggled to accept the close relationship he's maintained with his ex-wife.

He shared: "I have a co-dependence problem.

"When I got divorced, I made a promise, as did my ex-wife, that we'd try and be friends and we thought that was good for our children and that's what I've done.

"However, it causes great problems with me because I'm close to my ex-wife, it caused problems with my girlfriend, Vicky.

"It's difficult for her to understand I need something else in my life, and that's my family. It's about including my children in my life, which is my priority...

"The way I'm living my life is I wanted to live it as a family, it comes before anything, and its difficult for the woman in my life to understand that. Maybe my mistake [was] to include my ex-wife as part of my family."

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