The BBC is extending the 'Bodyguard' finale by 15 minutes.

Richard Madden

Richard Madden

The hugely popular drama - which stars Keeley Hawes and Richard Madden as Home Secretary Julia Montague and her personal protection officer, David Budd, respectively - will get a longer run time on Sunday night (09.09.18) to ensure the programme gets a suitable and exciting send-off.

The change in schedule means 'News at 10' will be bumped from its usual starting time.

A TV insider told The Sun newspaper's Bizarre TV column: "Giving an episode of any drama series more than a 60-minute slot is a rare event on the BBC, so this proves just how much they value 'Bodyguard'.

"Viewers are unlikely to complain, given that the audience response tends to be that they've usually been left wanting more every time.

"This should ensure that Bodyguard's climax is unforgettable, particularly as the tension has been continually rising over the last three episodes."

The series has proved to be a hit with viewers, and 42-year-old star Keeley previously revealed how she felt comfortable insisting on equal pay for the drama.

She said: "Certainly, five years ago, I wouldn't have felt like I was in a position to say, 'I want the same as my male counterpart'.

"Because I would have been worried about losing the job.

"And then I would think, 'I want to work and I want to pay my mortgage'.

"But now, I do think businesses and corporations that we work for seem to be taking it very seriously."

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