Bradley Walsh wasn't allowed to take photos in the TARDIS.

Bradley Walsh

Bradley Walsh

The 'Doctor Who' star plays companion Graham O'Brien in the upcoming series of the BBC science fiction favourite, and he has admitted he was banned from snapping the inside of the Time Lord's iconic time travelling police box.

He told Digital Spy: ""I was absolutely thrilled. They said, 'We're going into the TARDIS', so I said, 'Oh right, I've got to get me camera out!' [but they said] 'You can't take any photos!'... it was a completely closed shop."

However, Bradley - who will star alongside new Doctor Jodie Whittaker in the series - didn't mind the secrecy, and suggested keeping small details hidden from the public is the right way forward.

He added: "Long may that reign. It needs to remain very, very secretive."

'The Chase' host Bradley was cast as a companion alongside Tosin Cole and Mandip Gill, and he has admitted he feels so "proud" to be part of such an "iconic show" - especially as this is the first series that will see a woman - play the Time Lord.

He explained: "Look, it's an iconic show, it's a global phenomenon. Everyone knows 'Doctor Who'. It's an extraordinary thing to be in. And I'm very proud and privileged to be part of it.

"Not just the fact that it's going in a new direction. It looks sensational. We've got people like Jamie Childs who want to come and direct it. Chris Chibnall, my old boss from 'Law & Order', wanted me to be in it.

"So consequently, I feel very proud a) to have been asked, and b) to have been assembled alongside Jodie, Tosin [Cole] and Mandip [Gill]. We've become pals through this. And I actually can't wait to see the rest of the series."