Bradley Walsh and his son have braved an alligator-infested swamp for a reality show.

Bradley Walsh

Bradley Walsh

The 'Doctor Who' actor has paired up with his 21-year-old lad Barney for ITV series 'Breaking Dad', which will see them joining together for a series of terrifying dares, including leaping from a plane 12,000 feet in the air.

Speaking at a fan event, Bradley is quoted by The Sun's Bizarre TV column as saying: "I'm knackered. We've been in the US with ITV making a series where we travel from LA to New Orleans in a big RV like Breaking Bad.

"We are not cooking crystal meth. It's called 'Breaking Dad', as Barney does things with me that I would never normally do. He put me out of my comfort zone."

The 58-year-old star - who shares Barney with his wife Donna Derby - admitted he was scared of the intense situations the pair were put in, although some definitely made him feel more excited than others.

He added: "When we were on the road my son said, 'Right we are going to feed you to an alligator.'

"We were on a tiny boat in an alligator-infested swamp in New Orleans. I was like, 'Christ alive!' I was shaking when we got on the boat.

"And before that my son said to me, 'We have this for you ...' And they took me to the French quarter and a lovely old jazz steam boat on the Mississippi. My son said, 'Dad, would you get up and sing a song with the band?' I said, 'Sure.' "