TV comedy series 'Brassic' is to air an all-female episode.

Michelle Keegan in Brassic

Michelle Keegan in Brassic

The ep will feature Michelle Keegan, Joanna Higson and Bronagh Gallagher, who play best friends on the show.

Michelle - who plays single mum Erin Croft - said: "They’re like the Destiny’s Child of 'Brassic'!

"The three amigos, they’ve got each other’s back and they’re ­always going to be there for each other. I think it’s really important to show that relationship."

The 34-year old actress - who shot to fame as fiery barmaid Tina McIntyre in 'Coronation Street' - has high hopes for the all-female episode.

She added: "It’s not just about the boys, it’s about what they’re getting up to and them being naughty. I hope people like it."

The hit sitcom will return to screens for its third series tonight (06.10.21), but Michelle has admitted things will change direction slightly.

Her character Erin has taken over the running of The Rat and Cutter Gentleman’s Club, a strip joint which she is determined to make classier.

Michelle told the Daily Star newspaper's Hot TV column: “There’s a real power struggle between her and Tommo because obviously he is the old owner.

"But even though she’s taken over control she has still let Tommo have some authority as well within the club. Obviously The Rat and Cutter is known for its wild, strip nights.

"But she wants to make it a bit more up and coming, a bit more modern, a bit more like a bar ­really, that’s what her vision is for the club.

"There’s no stripper posters on the walls, no boobs, there’s been a boob ban! She wants it to be a bit posher.”