Brendan Cole has claimed Mollie King and AJ Pritchard did "get together" whilst she was taking part in 'Strictly Come Dancing'.

Mollie King on Strictly Come Dancing

Mollie King on Strictly Come Dancing

The 30-year-old Saturdays singer was paired with the 23-year-old professional dancer whilst on the BBC Latin and ballroom dance competition last year, and although the pair repeatedly denied rumours of a romance between them, recently axed professional Brendan has spilled the beans on their backstage rendezvous.

Brendan, 41, told The Sun newspaper: "One evening I went in the boys' changing room, walked in the door and there were AJ and Molly.

"I wouldn't have thought anything of it if they had gone, 'Hey, Brendan, nice to see you'. But when I walked in the door, they went, 'Sorry, sorry! Didn't see you there'.

"Two young single people who get together on the show - it's great, right?"

Back in November, the blonde beauty shut down dating rumours as she dubbed AJ as her "best friend" and joked that she was surprised she wasn't "sick" of the dancer after spending 12 hours a day training together.

She said: "No we are not together, promise! We get on so well. I think that's maybe that's why there are these rumours. We are literally like best friends. We spend so much time together. We're training 12 hours a day and I still love spending every minute with him. It's mad that you're not sick of each other! With Strictly, they always like to think there's a romance. Because we are both single, everyone loves a love story. We are loving the show so much. It's the most incredible experience."

And the 'What About Us' singer also previously claimed she didn't want to date AJ, because she was happy with them being "really close friends".

She said: "I am single. There's always going to be rumours on Strictly, that's inevitable.

"We have to be so comfortable with each other because we spend so much time together. AJ and I are physically very close all day and that's such a huge part of the dancing. We don't even think about it. We're really close friends now."