Brian McFadden says Gemma Collins has been acting like a "diva" on 'Dancing on Ice'.

Brian McFadden

Brian McFadden

The 38-year-old singer claims the reality TV star has "her own world" on the programme, and compared her to singing superstar Mariah Carey - who has previously denied being a diva, but also poked fun at the reputation - but admits he is a big fan of the 'TOWIE' star.

He said: "Gemma is the Mariah Carey of the UK. You talk about a diva ... my word.

"She's got her own world. The rest of us do our own thing and Gemma's got her own world.

"She's brilliant - I love her."

Brian is hoping to taste success on the ice skating show next year, and is determined to beat his pal and fellow contestant James Jordan after they placed a "big bet" about which of the two would exit the competition first.

He said: "James Jordan, one of my great mates, is there, too. It only makes a difference if I beat him, because we've got a big bet on about who is going to go out first.

"So as long as I beat him I don't care. I'll go out second as long as he goes out first."

While Brian is enjoying rehearsals, he has had to change up his sleeping position because he keeps injuring certain parts of his body.

Speaking on 'Lorraine', he added: "I keep falling on the same bum cheek and the same elbow. So I'm in bed like this, trying to get this bum cheek that way.

"It's not [a good way to sleep].

"I was worried it was going to be annoying having to learn the moves every day, but I'm actually having so much fun."

Brian - who will be partnered by pro skater Alex Murphy on the show - asked programme host Lorraine Kelly if she is going to vote for him on 'Dancing on Ice', to which she said "of course".

And he replied: "You say that now, but when Gemma Collins is on next week, and you're going, 'Gemma, I'm going to vote for you.' "

But the TV presenter replied: "No. I don't think that's going to happen".

Lorraine previously predicted Gemma will "walk out on episode one" of 'Dancing on Ice'.

She recently said: "She won't do it. You know she's going to walk out on episode one ... or even before that."